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Shaidi 005
My village

Once I went to my village for work and while i was working, it was evening there. I thought, let’s take a walk in my village for a while. When I reached the river, I saw the sun setting. It was a beautiful sight


My village

I sat there for a while and watched the sun set. The sun was slowly setting and the birds were nesting in their nests. Just like a human being works hard all day and goes home in the evening, in the same way these birds go home after spending the whole day. This scene was very beautiful.

Shaidi 004
My Village

I thought God who make a system Whether it is a human or a bird or any other living being, God has given everyone an understanding and awareness of how they can live by following certain principles. Half an hour later the sun went down. And there was complete silence, then I returned to my home.

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photography using my smartphone

So many people are using their smartphone for photographs. now we will tell how to Use your smartphone and take lots of good pictures and then share them on social media and on different websites.

Shaidi 003Shaidi 002Shaidi 004Shaidi 005

Those above PICS you are looking at, have been taken from all the smartphone cameras and have been shared on social media by slightly Photoshop then uploaded to social media. As you can see these pictures of mine which all I have on the camera of the smartphone. These are just some of the goal setting clicks i edited them. let’s go..


If you want to live a healthy and wholesome life then you have to change your daily routine and you have to make a daily routine like this.

Shaidi 004

Go and keep your diet balanced throughout the day so you can live a healthy life

Always keep your thinking positive so that you have success everywhere and at all times. Unless your thinking is positive you will never reach your destination and will always stay away from the destination.

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